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In The Know

05-07-2015 08:38pm By MTB Dirt Admin
Some serious speed from Troy Brosnan

Cycloball (Radball) riders got skills

04-07-2015 07:08pm By MTB Dirt Admin
Balance and reflexes

Wylde MTB Park

04-07-2015 04:48pm

About 12 k's of purpose built trail to high standards in Cecil Hills so expect climbing. 
Toilets are at the Gun Club about 800m from the trails. There is a bike washing facility.

Map: Wylde-MTB-Map.pdf

Wylde MTB Park Brochure

Thanks to: Western Sydney Parklands


Bantry Bay

04-07-2015 09:05am

A very picturesque environment, the Bantry Bay trails feature two significant single-tracks (the Serrata trail and the Gahnia trail) that were hand built with great effort by the hard working Trailscapes crew.  Using helicopters to place stonework where it was needed, there is some excellent trail armouring and technical trail features here.

It is possible to link these trails with the Manly Dam trails across the hwy also.

Access via: Grattan Crescent/Ararat Reserve or several other points in surrounding suburbs.


Flyboy completes the Tour Divide 2015

03-07-2015 07:37pm By outdoorgaz

This morning flyboy completed one of the toughest bike races out there in terms of distance (4,418km) and climbing (61,000m) unassisted, carrying all his gear. His time was an amazing 20 days, 3 hours, 26 minutes. 

An ordinary bloke who has just completed an extra-ordinary journey.
An incredible inspiration in the way that he followed his dream in such a humble way and with the great support of his family.


Via Ferrata on an MTB

02-07-2015 07:09pm By MTB Dirt Admin
Mixed filming (including drone footage) of a wild place to ride. Penalty for failure... High!

Kate Leeming - Breaking the cycle - South Pole

02-07-2015 06:45am By MTB Dirt Admin
Fatbiking across Antarctica 

MTB Crazy Trail

01-07-2015 07:03pm By MTB Dirt Admin
Some amazing northshore in this vid

The Beauty of Mountain Bike 2015

30-06-2015 06:42pm By MTB Dirt Admin
Crazy riding

Blores Hill from the air

29-06-2015 09:01pm By MTB Dirt Admin
A drones eye view of the Blores Hill trails