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Vittorio Brumotti goes crazy in Livigno

31-07-2015 08:06am By LeAngel
Vittorio Brumotti goes crazy in Livigno, very skilled rider!

One Shot: Brandon Semenuk's unReal Segment

24-07-2015 08:58pm By MTB Dirt Admin
Continous shot of a skillful run down a jump track.

Forrest Festival 2015

22-07-2015 02:29pm

2 Days - 5 Stages - 90% Singletrack

Saturday - 15k Sprint, 5k Hill climb, 5k Super D, 5k Timed Sprint
Sunday - 50k Marathon

Great Otway National Park in the town of Forrest, VIctoria 3236 location of over 60+ k's of IMBA quality MTB riding.


Elite: Cash prizes will be awarded. This is generally a category for people who take their racing seriouslyAge Categories: Your age is calculated as of 31st December 2015. In other words if you turn 40 on or before 31st December 2015 then you would be in the Masters 40-495Clydesdale: This is a special category for people who are weigh over 91kgs. These giants need their own space and hence their very own category.Super Clydesdale: This is an extra special category for those event bigger fellas who weigh over 111kg.Single Speed: Reserved for those tough people who love simple bikes and wide bars.Forrest Fun Category: Participants in this category will start behind the rest of the field, to give you some space. Also Stage 5 will only be a 25km event, instead of 50km.


A Weekend in Forrest

19-07-2015 03:42pm By MTB Dirt Admin
Fun clip of some of the renowned trails around the town of Forrest, Victoria

Forrest MTB Trails

19-07-2015 03:29pm

The trails in Forrest consist of 60+ k's of mtb trails in two main areas within easy ride of town. On the north are the Yaugher Network trails and to the south the Southern Trail Network.

These trails, built by dedicated locals and Glen Jacobs and the World Trail crew to IMBA standards, have the reputation of being some of the best in the country and take a couple of days or more to explore and enjoy. 

Access via: Yaugher Network - Barely 1 k out of town on the main rd is an entrance into the state forest (Boundary Rd). Follow that about 700m to the trail head.
Southern Network - Rivendell Lane at the south edge of town. 
Red Carpet - More trails accessed along the dam from Kaanglang Rd.

Map: http://www.rideforrest.com.au/images/forrest_trail_map_-_full.pdf


Trails build themselves right?

19-07-2015 02:47pm By MTB Dirt Admin
Nope. This video highlights the efforts of the trail fairies that spent 15 weekends and over 660 man hours along with man handling 50 tonnes of rock to build 500m of new trail in the Cornubia Forest. 

Cornubia Forest Park

19-07-2015 02:43pm

This is the home of the locally famed Stupidly Happy mtb trail. Recently the forest has been developed under the guidance of the LCC, Logan Community Trail Care Alliance and BSMC. The trail network in there now boasts 12+ k's of trails suited to intermediate and skilled riders.
Being 10 mins ride from the popular Daisy Hill trails, Cornubia Forest has always been a convenient, technical extension to a ride in Daisy Hill by those in the know. This option is now becoming far more used and the extra trails in Cornubia now make it a great riding location in it's own right.

Access via: End of Kimberley Drv, Shailer Park or a few points along Parkview Crescent, Cornubia. 


Kalamunda Circuit

18-07-2015 01:11pm By MTB Dirt Admin
Just outside of Perth WA lies these picturesque IMBA quality trails, very nicely shown in this video.

Supercar drivers on mtb

11-07-2015 08:21am By MTB Dirt Admin
Kind of more advert for the supercars (only bikes shown though) from Jamie and Craig on Mt Lofty near Adelaide.