• Advice on car battery charger/jumpstarter.
    05-06-2017 06:51pm by Rorence
    I just bought one car battery charger from friend recommends. It is bestek 300w DC 12v to AC 110v power inverter. This tool is soft to take away when you planning to travel or camp. The another reason that I like this tool is it is easy to handle...
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  • Warning on Staminade
    30-03-2017 08:10am by Hungry Stu
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  • Music on MTB Vid we made
    13-03-2017 03:13pm by Banjaxed
    Hey, random question. We made a fun video of us riding around the local trails and found the perfect song to accompany the video, but I want to be able to post it on Facebook and of course need some form of licence. There are so many websites I a...
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  • Anyone know a good knee doctor?
    09-07-2016 01:45pm by Omad
    DrBen, thanks for popping by, digging up a thread from 5 years ago, and promoting your own website.While I appreciate everyone's trying to generate some business for themselves these days in a highly competitive market, that sort of business appr...
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  • Cop a fine if you don't have a bell (not MTB ... yet)
    25-02-2016 06:30pm by whichway
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  • Ute canopy
    03-02-2016 03:35pm by kiwionacube
    I have a double cab mazda b150 with a tjm canopy on it and I find I have to take the front wheel off to get it to fit and even then it is a very tight fit with the bike sitting on top of toolboxes
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  • eBikes on MTB trails
    17-12-2015 08:15am by Hungry Stu
    Quote: flea Maybe the real topic is ... if someone sets a KOM on an e-bike, does it still count? Strava is one step ahead of you. They have an e Bike category.
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  • Thanks to....(Bunyaville Sunday aft)
    03-12-2015 03:18pm by KenZombie
    Nice one BSAC peoples...Glad the day turned a little more positive for you Wenji.
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  • Great Cycle Challenge during October
    02-11-2015 05:03pm by Darb
    Quote: flyboy The legs will heal soon enough. Great job Darb. Thanks Dave
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  • sacro illiac, low back pain
    23-08-2015 10:18am by Ian4170
    Klunker Schlumper, very, very well done and very well expressed too. You'll be the pinup boy at RB&RW Changes for a considerable time I reckon and your post will be often viewed. Keep at it.
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  • Cars... sigh
    16-04-2015 10:21am by -Adz-
    Get the number plate if you can and report to the police!
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  • Tick Advice
    20-02-2015 04:24pm by velocirapt
    +1 for old Man Pivot -Tick Twisters are simple cheap and easy to carry in a bike bag .They dont squeeze the tick body just lift the mouth part. ...
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  • Groundhog bites mayor Jon Freund during traditional ceremony in Wisconsin
    03-02-2015 07:16pm by Groundhog
    Just a peck on the cheek!!GH
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  • Coffs Harbour - swap beer for a favour
    30-01-2015 06:14pm by Bangers
    What if someone boxes it up for you so that a courier can then pick it up? Are you still out greenbank way?
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  • Watch found - Jumping Ant
    21-12-2014 08:28pm by Semaj
    Did anyone lose a watch at Daisy Hill today - found one on jumping ant
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  • Post up your Christmas decorations thread
    17-12-2014 09:27pm by paul
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  • Whaking around New Zealand
    08-12-2014 10:40pm by championbeerbelly
    Quote: Helen Our daughter says she's gradually getting used to the accent, but got a bit confused when someone told their kids to go and play on the deck. I know what you mean....still laugh when I watch this kiwi ad. Just a heads up NSFW....
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  • Great Cycle Challenge for Kids Cancer
    31-10-2014 04:52pm by Darb
    Well its the end of October and the end of my Great Cycle Challenge for Kids Cancer. My final ride total was 1046kms and at the moment i am up to $1650. There is still time to donate so help out if you can, every little bit helps. Thanks to those...
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  • Accountant/Financial Planner for novated lease
    15-07-2014 09:45pm by Arson Fire
    I totally agree with flyboy. Nothing in this world is free. I just finished a novated lease with remserv and looking back now I would not go down that pathway again. The benefits sound good in the beginning ( pre tax savings etc etc )but the ...
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  • Road cycling: brisbane time trials
    17-06-2014 08:56am by Slow pom
    I'm in a similar position to you Bangers, not being much of a sprinter, crits aren't really my thing, so I find TTing to have a few similarities to MTB ing, i.e. ride as hard as you can for the whole race and not have to worry too much about tact...
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