• 2010 Trail Care Schedule
    19-05-2010 08:03pm by Gillian
    GCTA TRAIL CARE DATES FOR 2010 13 March 10 April 8 May at 7am 12 June 10 July 14 August at 7:30am to 11:30am 11 Sept 9 October 13 November and 12 December at 7am to 11am Mid-week trail care sessions occur from time ...
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  • 2009 BCC trail care projects
    02-05-2009 03:52pm by oppy
    With the increased rainfall we have been having lately the Rocket Frog Trail has become a high priority for trail care attention. The GCTA will be taking this trail on as a major project this year to improve the drainage issues associated with i...
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  • Cornubia Trail BUILD Day 7th May 2017(Free Beer)
    08-05-2017 11:07am by flyboy
    We had a great turn out on Sunday. Thanks to all of the riders who managed to come along to create some cool trail. We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.Next week's session has been moved to 2pm on Saturday the 13th of May due to Moth...
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  • Nerang Trail Care Fundraiser
    21-11-2016 01:35pm by shane1377
    Hey Guys & Girls, I head up the Coordination for Nerang Trail Care Alliance and in case you haven't heard, we are promoting a fundraiser for some contracted trail work in Nerang. This is for Stage 1 and we have some exciting ideas for Stage 2...
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  • Daisy Hill Trail Care Saturday 16th July 2016
    14-07-2016 08:58pm by LCTA-Cornubia
    Hi all.We have had a request from LCTA Daisy Hill to let everyone know that LCTA DAISY HILL will be kicking off trail care again this Saturday the 16th of July.Who are LCTA Daisy Hill I hear you ask? Well, they are the group that brought us the S...
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  • Cornubia Trail Care - 11th June 2016
    08-06-2016 06:38pm by LCTA-Cornubia
    Don't forget , we are adding some features to the bottom of Birdwing trail on Saturday morning from 7am. Come along and enjoy a fun morning of shaping soil and building good trail karma. For details see the post above.
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  • Fire Break Works In Cornubia Forest
    25-05-2016 11:00am by LCTA-Cornubia
    Hi all. Logan City Council have sent us this message regarding fire break works in Cornubia Forest. Please play nicely with the LCC contractors.LCC will have contractors working in Cornubia Forest Park starting this Tuesday 24th May 2016.They...
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  • Daisy Hill Trail Care Saturday the 21st May
    17-05-2016 07:55pm by witheyi
    Hi All,Trailcare is on at Daisy Hill Regional Park this Saturday morning the 21st from 7:30am to 10:30am.The last working bee in March took care of Possumbox so we'll be focusing on Jumping Ant (JA)this time around.JA has had significant use sinc...
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  • Cornubia Trail Care Dates for the 1st half 2016
    12-05-2016 05:27pm by LCTA-Cornubia
    Thanks to everyone who came along to help out last Saturday....including Brian Lopes!https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1014400188636346&id=770397423036625Come along on the 5th of June. Who knows who the special guest might be?
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  • Cornubia Trail Care Day - Sunday 6th December 2015
    10-04-2016 09:30pm by LCTA-Cornubia
    Hey Nomad. Yes, it is full steam ahead. Maybe set up a FB account under a pseudonym so that you are in the loop yet under the RADAR? There are so many forms of media around now that it is hard for us(or anyone really) to keep up with them all AND...
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  • Bayview Conservation Park - New Trail Care Group Starting September 19th
    11-12-2015 01:11pm by mtbhurt
    Last Bayview trailcare for the year... c'mon all you 'Blast-ers and give the park some pre-Xmas love! 'Attached poster' via FB link below.Good afternoon Mt Bikers, This weekend we are holding the last Trailcare for the year at Bayview Track Park....
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  • Cornubia Trail Care Day - Sunday 8th November
    13-11-2015 09:55am by LCTA-Cornubia
    We had a good roll out of volunteers for Sundays trail care on Wallum Froglet. Several features were added as well as some touch up of the original works. Thanks you to all of the riders who came along to help out. The gourmet bbq afterwards went...
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  • Cornubia Trail Care - SUNDAY 11th October 2015
    11-10-2015 09:31pm by LCTA-Cornubia
    A small but hard working group of volunteers showed for trail care this morning. Work was targeted at the three berms on the top of Wallum Froglet, plus a few rollovers were added to help drainage and the "awesome" factor. Also, look for the "big...
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  • Castle Hill Trail Care Day - Saturday 19th September
    30-08-2015 12:30pm by Bozzy
    HI All,As some of you may already know, Ipswich City Council took ownership of a large parcel of land on which the Castle Hill Trail network lies, over the last couple of months a trail alliance has been formed to work with the ICC to maintain an...
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  • Cornubia Trail Care Day - Saturday 5th september
    24-08-2015 04:34pm by LCTA-Cornubia
    What: Our next trail care day will be Saturday the 5th of September. We will be working to add features and repair Spangled Drongo in Cornubia Forest this week. If you ride Cornubia how about coming along to help maintain and improve the trails. ...
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  • Cornubia trail care - Saturday 1st August 2015
    02-08-2015 06:29pm by LCTA-Cornubia
    We had a very small crew of regular volunteers turn up on Saturday. Despite this we managed to reroute the link track that runs from the top gate across to the top of Birdwing.Thanks to Bobby, Andrew, Brad, Gary, Ken and Shane for the massive eff...
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  • Cornubia trail care - Sat 27 June
    24-06-2015 07:27pm by LCTA-Cornubia
    It's been a while since the last working bee at Cornubia Forest. It's also been a year and a half since the awesome 'Spangled Drongo' trail was completed. It's time to re-visit this trail and make it even better. More rocks and jumps are ...
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  • Bunyaville Trail Care Sat May 16
    11-05-2015 07:20am by GettinOld
    Bunyaville trail CareSaturday 16th 7:30AmTop of Carnage – Track 6Bring yourself with gloves, sturdy footwear, hat, sunscreen and water.
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  • Bunyaville Sat April 19
    13-04-2015 08:20am by GettinOld
    Hi All, A reminder the third Saturday of the month is upon us. Trail care 7:30 at the top of track 6 Carnage. Bring hat sunscreen water gloves and work boots, All tools supplied. We will continue the work we have been doing on this trail. S...
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  • Bunyaville Sat March 21
    19-03-2015 06:19am by GettinOld
    Hi All, 7:30 Saturday, top of Carnage again - Track 6. We will be working on a tabletop and a berm and maybe a few other small things depending on turnout and materials. Bring, Hat Sunscreen boots gloves water. Brooke
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