• Home Made Energy Gels
    15-07-2012 05:58pm by Rancher
    Just made some the same way as the OP. Except, I used the whole jar of rice malt syrup (Cause, I wasn't gonna try to measure that out to 400m), a punnet of Strawberries, some salt, and two tea spoons of Chia Seeds (Good protein) Will give it a g...
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  • beer in camelbak getting hot
    10-10-2017 03:27pm by velocirapt
    Could always add some yeast powder and dried hops to the water pack at beginning of ride -should be fermented by the end ?
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  • Post ride nutrition
    02-05-2014 08:40pm by VoodooSS
    big on a minimum of large glass of milk (ha edited coz that came out milf). To take a leaf from the roadie book, coming out of Daisy duck ponds there is a small Foodstore shop in the flip flop up the hill. Next to the Foodstore is a small bake...
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  • Hydration tips
    12-02-2014 05:10am by LJG
    As already mentioned by others I am the same, I only put fresh filtered water into my backpack bladder. I do however take an electrolyte mix in my bottle attached to the frame. I buy it in powder form and I tend to make a bit of a weak mixture as...
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  • Massage tools
    03-01-2014 04:30pm by finch
    I use a soft drink bottle (the most cylindrical I can find) with fizzy water in it...can tune the hardness with letting out some air. that is used as a roller for ITB's.
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  • the cramps
    24-12-2013 12:57am by Munrubenmuz
    A water filled plastic soft drink bottle works well as a foam roller. Total cost $0.00.
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  • Flight centre epic water plan?
    10-09-2013 08:05am by ozynigma
    Quote: youngy Going to be a hot day. Forecast predicts 33 degress Ouch
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  • Pre-ride fuel
    26-08-2013 05:49pm by moveonlyj
    Harey is funny
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  • Insulin Resistance
    24-08-2013 02:15pm by krystian
    Hi Gmatt, I'm pretty sure the correct term for what you have is "pre-diabetes". I worked in the area for a while and that's what they used to call it 5 years ago. Best thing to do is to see a Doc that specialises in the area- or check out these ...
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  • roast beef sandwich
    13-06-2013 12:58pm by tyrion
    Quote: shinydonkeyz Quote: tyrion Yes, but no beer. Beer is not the answer. Roast beef sandwiches are. The real Tyrion is a lecherous drunk and would never say that. But gee whiz, I could go for a sanger right now. With roast beef on it....
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  • Premature Ventricular Contractions
    03-04-2013 08:10pm by my_very_dear_friend
    These premature contractulators will do what ever it takes to sort 'em selves out. I can think of nothing worse than contractulating prematurely while out on the bike.
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  • nutritionist
    04-02-2013 07:29pm by ozzie_ostrich
    PM sent...
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  • Golden Circle Sport Cordial no more?
    17-12-2012 09:22pm by Om
    Quote: OzCableguy Nuun is ok as far as cramps go but there's no sugar or caffeine boost. Sounds like you need to drop a Nuun effervescent tab into a can of caffeinated energy drink!
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  • They take MTB nutrition seriously in Colorado....
    29-11-2012 11:30am by jaman
    Will there be even more MTB'ers travelling for the 'Rocky Mountain High' singletrack?
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  • Strawberry & Banana Meal Bars
    05-03-2012 06:18pm by bharvey
    My friend prepared this nice tasting strawberry and yogurt bars and they tasted really good! I am not a big fan of bananas though they hold much of the requirements we have whole cycling so I just stuff it in without taking in that much of its s...
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  • Delicious Chocolate Protein Bar
    05-03-2012 06:17pm by bharvey
    I usually do not go for taste as long as I keep my tummy filled and my energy going but there is something about Quaker's chocolate-peanut butter bars that make me go back.They have been my ultimate companion when riding. And gone where the days ...
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  • home brew
    22-01-2012 09:15pm by FLASH_DG
    Hey, massive homebrewer here, been brewing all grain for the last 2 yrs now, if you want all the info you can handle head over to http://www.aussiehomebrewer.com Anything you want to ask, send me a PM I'll do my best to help you out.
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  • Jelly Beans with Electrolytes
    27-09-2011 03:35pm by Browy
    The other tablet type is NUUN. They are great and come in a bunch of flavours and make it simple as you only need water to drop the tablet in. I have used them successfully for the longer MTB events and adventure races. The jellies tend to go v...
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  • magnesium supplements
    05-09-2011 01:25pm by xrunner
    Magnesium deficiency is becoming a problem due to poor diet ( we have too much food but make bad choices) and also the soils we grow our veg in has become depleted of the stuff. Supplementing with Mg daily is a good idea if you think you may be ...
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  • Winners bars
    11-11-2010 07:58pm by dkselw
    Quote: Sharpero Although the glycaemic index is from 1 to 100 so not sure how they claim 150 for maltodextrin.... unless they are using another carb as the benchmark and comparing it to that. It is just a relative measurement compared to a ...
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