• Not2Bad premiere at Yellow Jersey Bike Shop, Woolloongabba.
    05-07-2016 11:19am by YellowJerseyBikeShop
    Brisbane! Not2Bad is coming to you! Venue: Yellow Jersey Bike Shop Doors: 6:00pm Tickets: Free Event About the Film: WHAT'S BETTER THAN ONE OF SOMETHING... TWO OF SOMETHING. One is less than two. Therefore, logic dictates that two must be bet...
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  • Bike Odyssey 2018 - XC Race Greece
    30-12-2017 07:20am by mtb passion
    Make a present to yourself! This Christmas there is a unique gift for you, Bike Odyssey!Treat yourself to the most thrilling experience of your life through the most amazing and picturesque routes in mountainous Greece!Hurry up because time is ru...
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  • Otway Odyssey MTB Marathon and Great Otway Gravel Grind return for 12th stellar year
    22-11-2017 03:22pm by Rapidascent
    Entries have opened for Australias most respected mountain bike marathon, the Otway Odyssey presented by Focus that will see hundreds of riders race through the spectacular Otway Ranges near Forrest in south-western Victoria from 24th-25th Februa...
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  • Freedom MTB Marathon Saturday Nov 11th
    13-10-2017 04:02am by depeche
    Hey MTBERS,11th annual Freedom MTB Marathon on Saturday Nov 11th. Nightcap national park Byron bay Hinterland. 50k/25k/12k and 5k for kids. The rain forest is spectacular, the course is challenging and fast. The camp ground is amazing. Enough sup...
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  • LunarC 2017
    17-05-2017 09:54am by Hungry Stu
    Did anyone here ride the LunarC 2017 last weekend?I was keen but could not fit it into the schedule. Plus, any event around Slickers has the hoodoo of wet weather.
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    10-05-2017 06:27pm by Danny G
    Hey all.... My wife and I are doing the BC BIKE race in JULY 2017 and would like some advice. Nothing major just weighing up food options before spending $1200 on a food package which covers only breakfast and dinner. Don't eat much for breakie a...
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  • Adventurethon Grafton - Multisport
    09-05-2017 08:11am by Hungry Stu
    A mate put me on to this. Looks fantastic.For any of you who miss the old Bribie Island multi sport, this looks to be right up your alley, with a road trip thrown in!45 - 22.5 -12km MTB18 - 11 - 6km Trail Run (looks more like a adventure hike /...
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  • 2017 mERIDA 24HR
    29-04-2017 08:35pm by dorg
    3 weeks later... I have full feeling back in my foot and opposing hand. Would I do it again? fuxck yeah!It's much more about the people you meet/know and the trails you ride then all else
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  • The Redback - Advice, tips, places to visit?
    03-02-2017 07:34am by whinosp
    Excellent. I am originally Welsh so cold isn't really an issue. Training in 35 degrees at the moment, so everything lower than that should be good.Thanks.
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  • Misty Mountain MTb Marathon Dec 17th
    04-12-2016 11:18am by depeche
    Hey Mtbers,Join us for the 8th annual Misty Mountain MTB Marathon inside the worlds second largest volcanos (Wollumbin/Mt Warning)60k/40k/20k events and 11k/5k for the kidsAmazing camping at the start at Outward bound Interaction.Near Uki NSW (1 ...
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  • Freedom MTb Marathon Nov 12th
    05-11-2016 09:19am by depeche
    Hey Mtbers,Got your need for speed!The Nightcap National Park (Byron bay hinterland) is dry and very fast!The course is in the cleanest Ive have ever seen it (in 10 years)Come down for the weekend and camp in the most beautiful Rain forest camp g...
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  • Bike Odyssey 2016 - XC Race Greece
    29-06-2016 09:08pm by mtb passion
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  • Ignition MTB Event, Falls Creek November 19-20, 2016
    29-06-2016 02:07pm by bluedirt
    Blue Dirt Mountain Biking presents Ignition, Falls Creek November 16-20. Two days of serious MTB mischief in the mountains to kick off the 2016/17 Summer season including:" Gravity shuttles" Beer hall" Flowtown trail opening" Backcountry rides" D...
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  • 2016 Merida 24hr
    13-04-2016 08:41am by Hungry Stu
    What a great event. I could not believe how many people were out there on the Friday night.There was over 500 entrants and about 1500 people camping, it was huge.So many highlights, but one has to be watching Robbie McEwen fly past. Yes, Robbie...
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  • 2016 JetBlack 24hr - Jame Estate Winery - GPS anyone?
    25-01-2016 10:10am by Hungry Stu
    Jetblack 24hr done and dusted. What a hoot. It poured with rain on the Friday. Insomnia 2007 and 2008 volumes of rain for those that still bare the scars. Although it is a sandy / gravelly base so it absorbed it really well and turns out was ...
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  • Bayview BLAST - entries now open
    23-11-2015 12:03pm by RATS
    Results for the Bayview Blast 2015 are available at: http://www.bsmc.asn.au/index.php/results/2015/92-bayview-blast-2015-oct-31-nov-1
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  • Dingo Enduro
    29-10-2015 07:31am by crazor
    Great morning out at spicers! Tracks were great. Ripple effect, rock bottom & plain sailing. Ripple effect & plain sailing really flowing. Rock bottom was pretty technical but noting too hard. ill be back again!
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  • Freedom MTB Marathon Entries close soon
    24-09-2015 04:44pm by depeche
    Website back live nowPre-Entries close Oct 4th, Freedom MTB Marathon info and enter here:http://www.summerofcycling.com/freedommarathon.htm
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  • Misty Mountain MTB Aug 29th: Entries close soon
    16-08-2015 10:53am by depeche
    Just a reminder. Misty MTB entries close in 7 days. Course is in great shape, fast!Info and Enter here: http://www.summerofcycling.com/mistymountainmarathon.htm
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  • Emu Creek MTB marathon: Entries close in a week
    19-07-2015 01:07pm by depeche
    Hi Riders,Last reminder for the 2015 Emu Creek MTB Marathon Saturday Aug 1st. Emu Creek Eco Retreat, Tabulam NSW.Solo and 2 Person Teams60k/40k/20k/12k/5k distances. new race for 8 - 11year old'sTons of single track, great fun at a beautiful loca...
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