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Nole 65

Mad Skillz (891)
May 15, 2015
08:55 am

I agree about Pyros, although the approach from the fireroad when entering from the southern end is in very poor condition. Of the two steep sections up onto the ridge, I can ride one on a good day without dismounting, but am no chance on the other. Both run directly uphill and could be readily replaced by switchbacking sections if the Council authorized trail building in the area. I'll raise it with them. I've only attempted the White Rock ridge track once, starting from the bottom end after stumbling across the entrance. Definitely the wrong way! I must try it from the White Rock end. Last time I rode up the powerline road, I couldn't spot the entrance to the singletrack labelled Sleepy on Mark's map. Not sure if it's disused and has become overgrown - it's at least a couple of years since I rode it and it was fairly marginal back then.

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Noob (2)
May 05, 2017
02:15 pm

Has anyone been out to the Daisy's downhill / Pyros area since the cyclone Debbie rains in March? Are the trails destroyed?