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Mar 12, 2016
08:50 pm

EDIT: This service now has a proper website with some terrific tools to make searching / logging your stolen bike easier. Go check it out now!


This website is achieving great results for victims of bike theft. I have copied their welcome message below. To be effective the website needs people to sign up (in Facebook) and keep an eye out for reported stolen bikes in your area of Australia. Lots of recoveries already. And remember, record your bicycle's details now, before it is stolen!


Hi, I would like to advise you about a new site called Stolen Bicycles Australia (SBA).

SBA is both a public page and closed group Facebook page, for the purpose of data basing and sharing all stolen and recovered bikes posted on social media.

The site is totally free and can be accessed by victims of bike theft, the Police and consumers looking to purchase a second hand bike and/or a bike on-line.

The closed group page contains both the stolen and Police recovered bikes and is searchable by key words, like bike make and model, which can easily be done via a PC or a smart phone.

We encourage you to come over and checkout the public page and become a member of our growing closed group of 900 members.

We have no doubt you will see its value! Please share with your customers and cycling colleagues, the more members the higher chance we have of recovering stolen bikes and slowing down the black market trade.


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Nov 15, 2017
12:26 am

Thanx! This is really useful at giro d italia

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