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Aug 28, 2017
05:12 am

I'm joined up on the site because I love mountain biking. However, on reading a couple of posts I'm not sure that I will be welcome. You see I own an electric bike and I read some of the forum comments and that are not all that welcoming of people like me. Yes I ride an electric bike, yes it has more than 250w of power, and I am a responsible person. Now before I get all the howls of protest let me tell you why I have an e-bike.

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 5 years ago. It's not the type of disease you would want to have but when you get told you have it you either get on with life and live it, or let it control what you can and cannot do. For some reason unbeknown to the medical profession, riding a bike can help with Parkinson's. It stabilising the shaking, and while you ride a bike life for a while seems normal again. I have the electric motor because it enables me to enjoy biking longer and to be honest I could not do it without because as you become fatigued the shaking gets worse.

To see me on the track you would never know that I have Parkinson's. I might be able to keep riding my bike for a couple of years until one day the Parkinson's will prevent even that. I am 53 years old.

So now I'm wondering having read some of the comments on the forum - where do I ride if I cannot ride in a national park? Should I be kicked off the trails? Should I stay on this forum - or should I go elsewhere just because I have an electric bike?

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Sep 05, 2017
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G'day Parkobike
Some of the comments you saw were probably directed at people who used eBikes because they weren't motivated enough to do the hard work when it was needed.
In contrast to that, your situation is one where it seems eBikes are an ideal solution.
All I'd say is that your motor might make it possible for you to ride quietly and at speed on some tight tracks where a normal bike wouldn't be able to go so fast. And that could be dangerous if you weren't careful. But it sounds to me like you understand this and are trying to act responsibly.
Congratulations on doing something positive about PD. If I was in your situation I'd probably do the same. Being able to ride a bike in the bush makes me happy.
You might find that there are some grey areas where it's not clear if a powered bike is allowed on some tracks. If that happens, don't be surprised if you get some strange looks. Not all tracks are like that. For example, you won't have any hassles riding through the tracks at the Glasshouse Mountains, or in the northern section of D'Aguilar National Park near Mount Mee.
Have fun and please share some photos of your rides.
We'd love to see them Smile