Been a long time since ive been on this site, but since I can deliver it to Brisbane, I thought id place it here.

Item: 2018 Giant Anthem 3 large
Location: Mackay ,Qld (Im doing a road trip from Mackay to Armidale in NSW in September school holidays, so i can bring it down if you are along that path)
reason for sale: bought a new Jet 9 so not needed.
Item condition: Brand new and unridden, not even a test ride. My old 26 inch bike developed a crack in the frame and since they dont make 26ers any more, so i got a whole new bike under warranty. Took it from the shop to home.
Description: Look here for spec its completely stock aside from the bike mechanic insisting he put on my old xtr pedals from my other bike.
Any other info: Wheels are already set up tubeless with the goo and valves installed at the shop.
Price: These are retailing for 2,999 so will happily take 2500. If you think that unreasonable, message me and we can chat about price.
Pics: Its not letting me upload at the moment but its exactly the same as the giant website.