Poll: Which one would you buy?


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SCOTT Genius 740
  50% 2 votes
Polygon Siskiu T7
  50% 2 votes
Polygon Siskiu D8.0
  0% 0 votes
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Noob (4)
Oct 20, 2017
12:57 pm

Hi Everyone

So after many torturious weeks i am at an impass

I have 3 options and wondered if anyone with more knowledge than me could direct me in to which bike is better.

SCOTT Genius 740 https://www.scott-sports.com/au/en/product/scott-genius-740-bike?article=265263009

2018 Polygon Siskiu T7 Dual Suspension - https://www.bicyclesonline.com.au/2018-polygon-siskiu-t7-dual-suspension-mountain-bi

2017 Polygon Siskiu D8.0 Dual Suspension - https://www.bicyclesonline.com.au/2017-polygon-siskiu-d8.0-dual-suspension-mountain750454

The first 2 can get at the same price and the third is a little less.

I realise Scott is possible the better known brand but sometime that means nothing

So looking at specs etc which way woul you go?

I really need help with this one

Thanks in advance

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Noob (4)
Oct 23, 2017
02:14 pm

Thanks for the replies

Any chance of putting why you choose the ones you did please

Thanks Inadvance

✎ Oct 23, 2017 02:41 pm  
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Knob Scrubber (433)
Oct 23, 2017
08:15 pm

The Scott looks good.

The first polygon link has a shocking spec ie 1x10 drivetrain and a recon fork. Can't believe the Scott is the same price as this ??

The 2nd polygon link doesn't work so can't advise.

You should be able to eyeball and/or test ride the Scott which may not be possible for polygon.