Hi my name is Calvin, and me and some of my friends are holding a group ride this sunday. Information: Meeting outside the wheel of Brisbane near the Brisbane letters that i believe aren't there anymore @8:30 - 9 no formal invitation just show up with a bottle a helmet and a well maintained bike and we will be out there all day to have some fun and do some casual group ride however it would be good if you hit the poll so i can have a fair estimate of how many are coming currently sitting on just over 20 people. this ride is mainly aimed at teens to destress during the final exam season. if you need more information please email me at cjdjro@gmail.com or instagram @malnivlac or call me at 0466043869 and i will try and get back to you asap. I will be dressed in a long sleeve jersey and a white helmet with stickers and a camera. please come up and say hi, cheers.