77 Green Point Drive, Belmont, New South Wales

Greenpoint is a small reserve on the boundary of Valentine and Belmont. It is very popular with walkers and runners who mostly stick to the cement paths or the foreshore walking track. It is vital that MTB riders avoid the foreshore walking tracks.
Although most of the riding here is not steep or high elevation, it will wear the average rider down quickly and finding more than about 15 - 18 kms to ride is difficult and takes good local knowledge.
Mostly shale type soil. Good in wet weather.
Access via: There are 3 main entry points into Greenpoint.
1. Dilkera Ave. Park near the end of Dilkera Ave and at the cul de sac ride up the very steep cement path to where it levels off. There's a fireroad to the right at the top but ride on a few more metres along the flat to the next fireroad on the right and take that. You'll where it dips down into single track.
2. Greenpoint Drive. The reserve is found right at the end of Greenpoint Drv at the cul de sac. Immediately to the right of the cul de sac there is a gravel/dirt climb which leads you to the biggest concentration of trails in Greenpoint.
3. 16 The Shores Way. At this point there is a reserve with parking, water and toilets. It's quite popular on weekends for walkers, families etc. Ride along the cement path and up the steep climb until you get to the seat up at the huge clearing. Turn left and head down the cement path and right where it flattens out after the s-bends you can turn off into trails to the right.