21 Harpfield Rd, Beaconsfield Upper, Victoria

These trails are on private property. Open for events and to the local Dirt Riders Club members only.

The park is the home ground of the Dirt Riders and provides 50 hectares of buishland and 15 km of single track. Races include various parts of the tracks specially developed by club members for your challenge and enjoyment.

Whilst the park is private property and owned by the scouts they have indicated that members are welcome to ride the course and enjoy the tracks the club has created. Riding is technical and will require a moderate level of skill and fitness to fully enjoy the park.

The gate is normally locked (unless you strike it luckly with another event) so please park your car at the top of the road (or better still at the shops) and ride your bikes from there into the park. This will avoid conjestion and respect the wishes of locals and the scouts.

Facilities: Water, toilet, phone reception

Thanks to: Dirt Riders