617 Grandchester Mt Mort Rd, Grandchester, Queensland
Hidden Vale Adventure Park

Hidden Vale Adventure Park (HVAP) - Home of the Flight Centre Epic. Is only a short 55min drive from Brisbane, HVAP offers a variety of terrain and riding to suit all levels of ability. Lots to see and do while out on the trails with plenty of wildlife and livestock roaming. Test your Skills on the man-made structures that include - balance beams, sea-saws, bridges and more. Well signed and easy to follow trails that range from beginner to advanced. If it's your first time at HVAP simply choose your adventure and follow the coloured arrows to complete the fun loops.

"All the essentials:
• Water: Drinking water available at Spicers
• Fee: $10 for a day pass - look out for offers of FREE access when entering Events
• Facilities: Toilets near reception at Spicers Hidden Vale
• Mobile coverage: Good
• Parking: Spicers Hidden Vale
• Local Club: OHV MTB Club
• Events : Flight Centre Cycle Epic, 3PLUS3, HiddenVale24hr
• Get a feed: Spicers, Grandchester Pub, Eagle Rock Cafe - Laidley, Mulgowie Pub
• Get a brew: Spicers, Grandchester Pub, Laidley, Mulgowie Pub
• Get a fix: Ipswich Cycles
• Trail markings: All sign posted with direction arrows and difficulty ratings
• Maps avaliable: Spicers Hidden Vale Reception
• When to ride: From 7am until late - 7 days a week"