LOT 59 Amamoor Creek Rd, Amamoor, Queensland

This network is largely made up of formed roads that are designed for vehicle traffic and are constructed with drainage structures. The fire breaks are flat bladed tracks, designed to assist in managing fire not to sustain vehicle traffic. Horse riding and mountain biking along fire lines and tracks is permitted unless otherwise signed.

At this stage the Happy Valley Trail Park contains three trails within IMBA standards holding 7kilometres of descending nature, from black diamond through to blue square trails. Along with a dirt jump area and pump track being connected to future expansions in the Happy Valley Trail park.
Design and Construction of new trails and features is under way by just past mid-year should have a cross country loop, all-mountain, north shore and slopestyle areas incorporparated into the park.

UPDATE: At this stage we are struggling to find any relaible info on this area for MTB riding. If you can point us to the right source please let us know.