275 Gap Creek Rd Mount Coot-Tha Forest, Mt Coot-Tha, Queensland
Kenmore Cycle Club

NRG Cycling Club

Best place to start is Gap Creek Reserve on Gap Creek Road carpark or Beilby road. The main entrance to the reserve is on Gap Creek Rd. You'll see the carparking area and wooden walk bridge into the reserve. In the Gap Creek Reserve area are a variety of trails for several levels of rider. All trails inside the ring road on top of Mt Coot-tha (Bardon side of the Mt) are off limits to MTBs except for the 'telstra track' or powerful owl trail as it's correctly called. This the only legal mountain bike trail on the western side and provides linkage across the mountain. Gap Creek/ Mt Coot-tha was the first area in Qld to have 'Mountain Bike Only' trails allocated and signposted.

Mt Coot-tha and Gap Creek is currently being developed under a 'Trail Care' program run in cooperation with the Rangers, GCTA and MTB volunteers. This program, using IMBA guidelines and principles, is constantly upgrading and re-routing trails within the forest to make them environmentally sustainable, yet also challenging for the riders. Please don't assume that all trails are legal to ride on as many are not. Refer to the maps opposite.

'Anzac Park' (official name is block 1) is a nearby reserve and while not the quality of Gap Creek its a good place for beginners and locals to this area to have a quick ride before or after work.

All trails in the Anzac Park area are Multi-use and therefore riders should always be very aware of walkers and other users.

Some Extra Info ... " Mt Coot-tha Forest, just 15 minutes from the CBD, is one of Brisbane's largest natural areas, with more than 1500 hectares of open eucalypt forest. The forest forms the south-eastern boundary of Brisbane Forest Park. These two areas make up a 30,000 hectare forest that extends well into suburban Brisbane. Approximately 370 animal species live in Mt Coot-tha Forest, including a number of rare and threatened species like the powerful owl. Other animals you can see while you're exploring the forest include goshawks, eagles, wrens and robins as well as possums and bats. Mt Coot-tha Lookout, with its sweeping views of the city, Moreton Bay, Stradbroke Island and the southern ranges, is popular with residents and visitors. The Lookout is a great place to visit, or spend some time at the Summit Restaurant or Kuta Cafe. Mt Coot-tha Forest is located five kilometres west of Brisbane's central business district. You can get to the Mt Coot-tha Forest from Sir Samuel Griffith Drive or Gap Creek Road, Mt Coot-tha. Limited parking is available. " - Brisbane City Council (BCC)