22 Station St, Samford Village, Queensland

The Samford Pony Trails are a system of multi-use trails legal for both MTB and horses. As such, MTB's should ALWAYS GIVE WAY TO HORSES on these trails.

The trails are all short sections through bush linked up by the bitumen roads in the Samford area.

Most of the trails are very low in technical riding value with only a few small sections offering any challenge for the experienced rider. This however makes the trails very good for the inexperienced rider to learn on or for the endurance rider to use to gain more kilometres out of a ride in BFP or the Camp Mt region etc.

NOTE: The trails shown on the maps between Maragani Ct and Cooroora Cr, and those on the House Mt Range are steep and rocky making them not suitable for beginners or unfit riders.

Access Via: As the trails are simply linking various roads through the valley there is no real trailhead to give an address for so we've supplied a car park that allows close access to cafes and the trails.