LOT 5150 Lovegrove Dr, Araluen, Northern Territory

Around 15 kms, this point to point track starts on the outskirts of Alice Springs and ends at the Stuart Hwy around 8 kms north of the town. Internediate skill-level, and reasonable fitness is required. Take more water than you need.

Access Via: Lovegrove Rd next to the rail crossing by Smith St.
Follow 4WD track that runs parallel to the railway line for about 1km, until you see a green post with a mountain bike sign on it, on your left, just before you reach the motorbike tracks. (This is the Railway Track.)
Follow the mountain bike signs on the Railway Track for about 3km, until you reach a fork in the track.
Take the righthand track and follow it to a gate (100 metres).
This is the West Macs Track trailhead. The sign marking this trailhead has a map of the route.

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