Bagley Dr, Moorong, New South Wales

Access Via: Bagley Drv. Either park in the golf course car park (they welcome respectful riders to use their facilities) or drive straight on before entering the golf course parking and park on the dirt area near the highway.

Difficulty varies from Easy to Medium
Up to 12 km loop available. Home of the Wagga 6 Hour Enduro.

Thanks to Wagga Wagga City Council and interested groups, Pomingalarna has recently been closed to motor vehicles so club members have been repairing and rerouting trails to improve the sustainability of the trails without removing the fun. This has led to interesting additions to the trail network with some bridges and berms being popular additions and more trails are planned. There are loops for all abilities, fire roads and some great bushland – please stick to the trails and report any 4WD and motorbike that you see to the WWCC. Be wary of walkers/runners and horses, giving way to them, as these activities have seen an increase in popularity with the closing of the park to motor vehicles.