Caley Dr, Mt Annan, New South Wales

You can enjoy Aussie plants and wonderful views by bicycling off the beaten track at the Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan. There are feature gardens, lakes, picnic areas and toilet facilities scattered throughout the Garden.

For the experienced road cyclist, the Garden can be reached by bicycle, if you travel by train to Campbelltown Station.

Free entry to the Garden has resulted in huge increases in visitor numbers to the Garden. So, the best on-site cycling experience to be had is riding the mountain bike trail, opposite the Big Idea Garden. You can drive to this theme garden, park and ride your bike from there, across the canal and over the 10 km trail. Purpose built to international standards, the trail caters for competent, intermediate and advanced standard mountain bike enthusiasts. Whether in search of a family or individual experience, the trail will provide the challenges and enjoyment you seek.